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We accept paypal payments onlineDead Sea products promote the relief and healing ofMINERAL COMPOSITION is the key criteria that determines the therapeutic value of Dead Sea Bath Salts. If you would like to use your credit card directly, please call: (59) 276-7258 and we’ll process your order and run your credit card over the phone

55 lb Bags (Online Orders ONLY)

Please Note : The Healing Bath™ will ship to you the exact same 55 lb bag that we import from Israel The Healing Bath™ has not filtered these salts nor removed the small pebbles as is the case with all of our other salt products Consequently the

55 lb bags will likely contain pebbles and discoloured salt crystals Some bags will contain more of these and some fewer It’s a hit and miss but definitely your best value if you buy in bulk

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Shipping and handling charges are tiered according to your province or territory All orders to the USA are in Zone 5

Zone 2: Manitoba, Sasktachewan, Alberta, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia; Orders < $80 $22 Orders > $80 22% of total order

Zone 3: Newfoundland, British Columbia; Orders < $80 $28 Orders > $80 $28% of total order

Zone 4: Nunavut, Northwest Territories, Yukon; Orders < $80 $40 Orders > $80 40% of total order

The Healing Bath™ is a Ca nadian wholesale/reta il business that researches, prepares, manufactures, pa ckages, labels and sells t herapeutic Dead Sea personal care products We import the highest therapeutic grade of Dead Sea salts directly from Israel All of our products contain Dead Sea minerals and most of our products are 100% natural Unlike many of our competitors, we list all of our ingredients with ea ch product descri ption so you know exactly what you’re getting In our scented Dead Sea salts, scrubs, soaps, lip balms and Wellness Gel, we use only 100% natural essential oils We also carry a selection of fragrance-free products including scent-free bath salts, Dead Sea mud, a facial cream, eye gel and body cream The Healing Bath™ does not use fragrance oils, synthetic fragrances, fragrance, parfum, “aromas”, masking agents or “natural fragrances” (which are not really natural) Our products are not “vanity products” but products that will truly help you Change The Way You Feel™ by alleviating and relieving a wide variety of ailments

Dead Sea products promote the relief and healing of:

MINERAL COMPOSITION is the key criteria that determines the therapeutic value of Dead Sea Bath Salts Dead Sea Bath Salts sold by The Healing Bath™ and incorporated into our products are independently tested to verify their mineral composition See: >Dead Sea Bath Salts >> Mineral Composition on our site

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