What vitamins for dry eyes*

Dry Eye Formulaâ„¢

Say Bye-Bye to Dry Eyes!

EyeScience® Dry Eye Formula softgels are a unique oral supplement that targets dry eyes from the inside out for systemic continuous comfort EyeScience® Dry Eye Formula is an easy daily regimen that makes it easy to target your dry eyes

  1. Highest level of Omega 3’s to help:
    • improve tear production
    • seal moisture in for lasting comfort

Our Unique Advantage

Our formula works differently, in that it works from the inside of your eye to the outside, continuously addressing the underlying cause of occasional dry eye

All EyeScience products are reviewed and approved by the EyeScience Scientific Team, which is comprised of a broad base of nationally and internationally recognized scientists and medical professionalsThousands of people took part in these studies over a period of five years.

Convenient Auto Shipments

When you purchase the EyeScience® Dry Eye Formula with the auto-delivery option, you can be assured that it will not only arrive to you on time but that you are giving your eyes the best chance for comfortable healthy vision Your eyes will love you for it

Consumer Reviews

Is it possible to get the pills in a smaller size As I age and need this formula more and more, it becomes increasingly more difficult to swallow such a large pill I depend on this formula and want to continue it

Hi, I am sabine with severe lasik induced dry eyes Both eyes are fully cauterized, but my eyes were still in pain After only one day I already felt a difference It is the b6 and the magnesium together with the fish and flaxseedoil that does the trick Finally after 11 years my life can start again To the makers of this, please make this produkt known in the world I am almost complete painless Sabine from belgium/

Nice product, every ingridient I look for and then some, but that blue color of the vitamin is awful! Love the product, hate the color!

Since starting your formula my eyes are tearing less and are much more comfortable In the morning I no longer have to clear away the crust and debris For years I have I tried drops but found them hard to use frequently

After taking EyeScience Dry Eye Formula, within one month I barely notice the irritation I used to feel in my eyes Thanks for creating this product; it has really made a difference in my life

I started using your product three weeks ago I would often use artificial tear drops 6 times a day Now I barely have to use those drops at all My eyes feel great and moist, and I see much better Thank you!

Several weeks after starting a routine with the Dry Eye vitamins, I started to notice I was reaching for eye drops less and less frequently I do still use the drops at times, but no longer have to rely on them which is a HUGE releif Price and large capsules are drawbacks but still very much worth it

My doctor recommended this vitamin for my dry eyes and after 3 weeks I noticed a huge difference! I would recommend this product to anyone suffering from dry eyes!

I had LASIK surgery done about 8 years ago I love my results and would do it all over again if needed However, the surgery has left me with dry eye syptomes which are uncomfortable EyeScience Dry Eye formula is great It helps keep my discomfort to a minimum levelFor years I have I tried drops but found them hard to use frequently.

I have been taking two capsules for nearly 6 months now daily after struggling with leaking dripping eyes, rubbing, drying them, which is very annoying, as I am on the golf course playing 3 days a week Finally, I got great result within 2 weeks of using the product and recommend it to anyone interested in relieving the tears The vitamin is awesome! Thank you Eye Science

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Dry Eye Formulaâ„¢

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