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How to Treat a Fungal Ear Infection

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Recognizing Symptoms of a Fungal Ear Infection Edit

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Community Q&A

  • Treat fungal ear infections with medication like clotrimazole, and diflucan This will help clean up the ear Avoid antibiotics
  • I would consult an ENT specialist With a hole in your eardrum you do not want liquid going into the inner ear This might not be the best option Again, I would check with my ENT
  • Your local drug store should carry Clotrimazole 1% Antifungal Solution, which kills most types of fungus
  • The difference with these two conditions in treating fungus is that the normal drop treatment will increase the burning sensation significantly Talk to your doctor to see if it is okay to use the hair dryer as well as boric acid powder, administered twice a day using a bulb syringe If you can use this, you might find immediate relief for several days
  • Your best bet is the clortrimazole drops You can buy them over the counter, they will treat both types of fungus
  • See a different doctor Or look for natural remedies that are not dependent on a doctor
  • Since a stye and ear infection may both be bacterial in cause, an antibiotic may treat both However, if the ear infection is fungal, you may need an anti-fungal treatment It is absolutely vital to see your doctor before taking an antibiotic, as they are not be used lightly
  • No, just use 2-3 drops of H2O2 only You don't want to add water to an infected ear
  • Buy some acne medicine and some isopropyl cleaning alcohol or any type of alcohol that cleans the ear Every night before she sleeps, she should take a cotton bud and dab some cleaning alcohol on the infection Dry it off and put the acne medicine on it If the acne medicine doesn't work,use lotion If that doesn't work, have her see a doctor
  • You should try one of the home remedies suggested instead Taking any kind of prescription while pregnant can have serious affects on a baby's health

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