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Portobello Mushrooms

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What is it?

The word portobello originated as a way to help glamorize and sell mature cremini mushrooms (which were also given a snazzy Italian-sounding name to boost sales) But if all of this sounds more like Marketing 101 than cooking, know this: creminis have more flavor than white mushrooms, and portobellos have more flavor still

How to choose:

Choose firm, plump portobellos with a pleasant, earthy smell Avoid any that appear limp or dried out The mushrooms should not be shriveled or slippery, which suggests decomposition

How to prep:

Though you can eat portobellos raw, cooking them makes them tender and intensifies their flavor These large mushrooms take especially well to searing, grilling, roasting, and braising

Perhaps the best way to understand a portobello’s greatness is to try one grilled To start, remove the stem, wipe the cap, brush it with olive oil, and sprinkle both sides generously with coarse salt Grill over a hot fire for a few minutes on each side While you’d never mistake a mushroom for meat, the smoky, earthy flavor of a grilled portobello gratifies in the same way

Portobellos also take well to roasting While other mushrooms shrivel away to almost nothing when roasted, portobellos start out so big that they finish with a good amount of mushroom left, even when cut into pieces

Braising portobellos is a great way to boost their flavor As the mushrooms cook, they absorb the braising liquid Their sponge-like nature also makes them good candidates for marinades

How to store:

Once you get portobellos home, remove any wrapping, spread them on a tray, cover them with paper towels, and place the tray in an area of the refrigerator that allows air to circulateSubscribe today and save up to 44Double CheckDo you really want to delete the list, This wont delete the recipes and articles youve saved, just the list. The mushrooms should keep this way for about a week

Cooked portobellos, in tightly sealed freezer bags or containers, can be frozen and will keep for several months Uncooked mushrooms don’t freeze well

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