What is hard root beer made from*

What is hard root beer made from

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What is hard root beer made from

What is hard root beer made from

This truly old fashioned soda has the rich, creamy flavor that only comes from using pure Wisconsin honey direct from the combs Our extracts are prepared at the brewery in a hand-made, gas-fired brew kettle, by combining honey, pure vanilla and a host of aromatic botanicals The dark, honeyed brew will build a delicious, frothy head when properly poured into a frosted mugIn a few cases, you may even discover glutenfree cider on tap in one of your favorite hangout spots.

Cream Soda

Another throw-back to the standards of yesteryear, our cream soda is honey colored, not colorless or artificially red Wisconsin honey and pure vanilla are carefully blended in a gas-fired kettle, creating a delicate caramelization of sugars that results in a fusion of flavor This unique process produces a rich vanilla flavored soda with hints of honey and caramel and a long-lasting, creamy head

Cherry Cola

Sprecher Cherry Cola is a masterful blend of Wisconsin’s own Door County cherry juice, raw honey, the finest cola extract, and a handful of select spices cooked to perfection in our gas-fired brew kettles then lightly carbonated for refreshment that tickles the taste buds with an array of pleasing flavors One sip and we’re sure you’ll agree – cherry cola has never tasted this good!

Our gourmet Grape soda is nothing like you have ever had before Sipping this yummy, purple concoction will remind you of bubbly summer days Fire-Brewed to delicious perfection this blend of Concord grape juice and raw Wisconsin honey will have you swinging from the rafters with pure enjoyment

Orange Dream

Enjoy this super citrus drink of natural orange flavors, honey and vanilla for a creamy, dreamy taste experience that's over the moon In your wildest dreams, cows roam the orange groves in search of a starry spot for sitting and sipping a succulent citrus soda And as with all of our sodas, it's caffeine free For your optimum enjoyment, serve in frosted mugs

Ginger Ale

Our ginger ale is a sophisticated soda, pale in color and reminiscent of a light, sparkling chardonnay Its complex flavor is very dry on the palate, combining the bite of ginger ale with a surprising hint of oak A truly unique taste experience Nothing like the ginger ale you are used to!


We searched Wisconsin far and wide for the finest ingredients, brewed them in our gas-fired brew kettle and bottled this gourmet soda just for you The natural essence of cherries and cranberries is skillfully simmered with pure honey for a soft drink that is the perfect balance of tart and sweet

Lo-Cal Root Beer

Our Lo - Cal Root Beer Soda is prepared in a hand-made, gas-fired kettle right at our micro-brewery By using just a touch of real Wisconsin honey, pure vanilla and a host of botanicals, we produce our rich, rooty flavor and thick creamy head (Note: contains the sweetener saccharin) For your optimum enjoyment, serve in frosted mugs

All Natural Puma Kola, is fire-brewed in our unique gas-fired kettle for distinctive flavor and character Each batch is made from scratch using the finest ingredients; kola extract, real vanilla, a pinch of cinnamon and pure honey You will roar with delight at this wonderfully rich and flavorful soft drink

What is hard root beer made from


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