What is collagen peptide type 1 and 3*

Collagen Attachment Protocols, Solubility, and Stability

Collagen Type I Protocol

Collagen Type I (Cat Nos C1809, C7661, C9791, C8919*)

Optimal conditions for attachment must be determined for each cell line and application

*Note: Steps 1 and 2 are not necessary for the Collagen Solution, (Cat No C8919)

Collagen Type II and IV Protocol

Collagen, Type II and IV (Cat Nos C9301, C0543, C5533 )

Optimal conditions for attachment must be determined for each cell line and application

Ask a Scientist!

Cat No C7661 (Collagen from rat tail)

Q1) How can I sterilize collagen solutions?

A1) We recommend transferring the collagen solution to a glass bottle with a screw cap and carefully layering chloroform at the bottom The amount of chloroform to use should be

10% of the volume of collagen solution DO NOT SHAKE OR STIR Allow to stand overnight at 2-8°C The chlorine gas will move up through the collagen solution and sterilize the solution Aseptically remove the top layer containing the collagen solution to a new bottle We do not recommend sterilizing the collagen solution by membrane filtration We have found substantial protein loss by this method

A2) The solubility specifications for this product is clear to hazy colorless solution with a few insolubles at 1 mg/mL in water with 2 μL acetic acid (or 01 N acetic acid) The insolubles can be removed by settling or centrifugation

Cat No C8919 (Collagen from calf skin solution)

Q1) Why does the vial of collagen solution look milky or contain particulates?

A3) This product is NOT intended to produce 3-D (thick) gels since this solution will not gel (presumably due to gamma-irradiation of the powder during the production process) We recommend using (CatD., Ph. D., Munirathinam Sundaramoorthy, Ph. No C7661), Collagen from rat tail or (Cat No C4243), Ultra Pure Collagen from Bovine


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