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Best aloe vera gel brand in korea

Apply ample amount on to dry cleansed face and/or body

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The CURE to my DRY and BLEMISHED skin

Posted by Nur Farhana on 25th Oct 2015

Got this from my big sister I just did my facial spa one day, you guys it was red blemished all over my face and I had dry skin before that so she told me to use this Just two days of using it, all of the redness blemished GONE! I was shocked and totally went buy this for myself I had dry sensitive skin so regularly use this helps tremendously No more pimples too I would recommended this!

Very Moisturizing

Posted by Unknown on 7th Sep 2015

I have the Face shop Aloe vera AND the Nature Republic one The Nature Republic Aloe vera tends to peel off if I layer it thickly, and it leaves my skin sticky The Face shop one is so good! It penetrates deep into my skin and leaves me feeling refreshed

Perfect for hair loss

Posted by Shereen on 4th Jul 2015

It is really amazing for the scalp, I used it after shampoo as a conditioner for the scalp for 5 minutes, then I wash my hair with water only, it stopped the hair loss immediately after second bath,

I used NATURE REPUBLIC aloe Vera gel 95% but it was horrible, it make my hair fall too much, and it caused scalp itching because of the huge amount of alcohol inside it, the FACE SHOP aloe Vera 99% is really the opposite, it contain alcohol but very little, it does not cause scalp itching, make the hair shiny and smooth, easy to comb it after shower

I buY it from THE FACE SHOP store in seoul

other part of body that be used on?

Posted by Unknown on 22nd Jun 2015

like hair? I heard that aloe vera is good for our hair but not confident to use it on hair bcoz theres no recommendation from face shop also

Very refreshing

Posted by Jessica on 8th Jan 2014

I use this as my last step in my nighttime skincare routine and I just love it! It's very cooling and it has a faint aloe smell to it I find that the moisture lasts for a VERY long time I can feel it washing away when I'm cleansing my face in the morning Would recommend :)

Top aloe gel!

Posted by Iris on 1st May 2013

This moisturizes my skin without any sticky feeling A must have for dry and sensitive skin Love it!

Great choice!

Posted by Flying goat on 4th Nov 2012

The only thing I want to say is that this is the best Aloe gel I have ever used :)

Perfect for me

Posted by Yuki on 27th Jul 2012

Face Shop is one of my trusted brands and I love this product because it really suits my dry skin not to mention that its made from natural ingredients

Best aloe vera gel brand in korea


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Shopping guide: 8 best Taiwanese skincare brands you need to try

Shopping guide: 8 best Taiwanese skincare brands you need to try

The reputation of Taiwanese skincare has been steadily rising over the past couple of years, giving the region some prominence amidst its other East Asian neighbours, Korea and Japan Skincare and beauty in Korea and Japan has grown into distinct cultures unto their own, and this has, in some way influenced the Taiwanese market to expand in tandem

Shopping for skincare in Taiwan is an experience that easily compares to walking down Myeongdong or Shibuya Towering drugstores such as Watsons, Cosmed, Tomod’s and Japan Medical are sandwiched next to multi-brand boutiques like Paris Strawberry, S3 and 86 Shop, each boasting exclusive deals to outdo the other Find yourself in the right place, at the right time, and you’ll even be able to bag a cult product about S$10 cheaper than its rival store, or snag sweet buy-one-get-one deals with free gifts to reward your strategic shopping

Though you can easily find popular Korean and Japanese brands there, it is the homegrown labels that deserve your attention Taiwanese skincare often comes with either a clinical focus, incorporating acids and DIY peels, or Chinese herbal and botanical ingredients to boost or heal your complexion Masks are also a massive thing there, not only available at your usual cosmetic stores, but convenience shops like 7-11 too

As a nascent skincare junkie, and a sheet mask addict, going beauty shopping in Taiwan was a massive treat Especially in Ximending, where all the stores mentioned above are within a stone’s throw of each other If you are like me, and want to go there to stock up your face maintenance wardrobe for the next two years (or so I promised), here are some Taiwanese skincare brands worth splurging your money on