What are aloe vera gel capsules used for*

Need a Digestive Aid for Your IBS? Soothing Aloe May Be Just Your fix

Irritable Bowel Syndrome, better known as IBS, is a disorder that affects the large intestines and digestive system If you suffer from IBS, you may experience bloating, gas, diarrhea, abdominal pain, constipation, and/or cramps Dealing with these symptoms is uncomfortable and often problematic, but they can be controlled One digestive aid that can help with IBS symptoms is aloe vera Aloe vera gel or juice is great for topical use, but it can also be used to help soothe the colon and relieve IBS symptoms

How Does Aloe Effect the Colon?

The Chemical Make Up of the Aloe Plant

One reason why the aloe plant is so beneficial is that it is thought to have a chemical make up closer to the chemical make up of humans than any other plant Aloe has the ability to restore the digestive system and bring back vital nutrients Highly processed diets lacking proper nutrients are often the cause of intestinal problems Aloe vera can help return the digestive system to its optimum state, even after all the damage done by an improper diet

Improved or Relieved Symptoms

When the colon and digestive system are improved or restored by the enzymes and nutrients from the aloe vera plant, some individuals find improvement in many IBS systems You may experience less bloating and heartburn, an ease in stomach pain and gas, and most importantly, healing from diarrhea and/or constipation Healing from IBS can occur with regular use of aloe vera and a healthy diet

Drinking Aloe vs Taking a Pill

Juice or gel absorbs better into the system It is in its natural form and is faster-acting than using a pill If you find pills more convenient, but you want to try drinking juice or gel, you can carry it in a water bottle Usually, you should keep it chilled before you use it, if possible

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Heya i?m for the first time here I came across this board and I find It truly helpful & it helped me out much I am hoping to provide something again and help others like you aided me

So many aloa supplements to choose fromIf you suffer from IBS, you may experience bloating, gas, diarrhea, abdominal pain, constipation, andor cramps. In gell pill form, which one is recommended

Use the leaf, if you can get it Take about one inch at a time The juice from the store was a waste of money The bottom inch is bitter, so be warned

Did you have constipation and if so how did the aloe help you with that

Im having the same problem, what brand of aloe vera do you use?

Thank you Sarah, my husband has the same problem He keeps blaming the food, but it looks like IBS to me! Now I can recommend it I take it to clear up Prurigo Nodularis The only time I had remission is from eating aloe

My son has 2aloe plants how would i know if they are not good the gel in the leaves is tasteless would like to try them for the digestive tract

Danielle Brown says

Unless the leaves are brown or otherwise damaged (eg spotted, soggy, have holes, which might indicate a insect problem) they should contain good aloe gel Try a small amount to start And just be sure to rinse off the aloe gel before consuming it, as you do not want to get any aloe latex You might want to also check out this article about consuming aloe vera gel just so you have all the facts and learn about proper dosage

Would anyone know if drinking Aloe Vera juice can repair colon pockets (diverticulitis)?

I was wonder if anyone here is familiar with the scd diet and what is says about Aloe Vera as it is on the list of things not aloud

It contains mucilaginous polysaccharides as well as increasing the release of tumor necrosis factor which is associated with IBD inflammation and increased immune stimulation

I would like to give it a shot

Anyone here have positive results that has UC?

That doesn’t make sense Polysaccarides are immune boosters They are in seaweed which is healing and one of the reasons Okinawans live so long Astralagus as wellthese r good things I’ve been taking Astralagus to prevent return of cancer and ALWAYS get sick in spring from allergies I should have already been sick 2 times already and havent been sick this year

I have inflammation in intestines and aloe vera juice really helps

Psdont drink from straws Air gets trapped

hi i want to know that which should i use aloevera juice for IBS & stone problems,

Sandra LaRocca says

Praying this helps me I had diverticulitis, IBS along with other health problems, my girls got it for me I am taking it daily in the AM and PM I will keep everyone posted

Great post! Have nice day ! enhjz


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