Ways to clean out your ears at home*

Ways to clean out your ears at home

Ear Stretching and Neo Tribal Earrings

Ear Stretching Questions

Tapers and Expanders

First Stretch from a standard ear piercing should be to 1.6mm or 2mm.

Then 3mm and 4mm. Then you can go up in 2mm increments.

How to stretch your ears

You must stretch up very slowly, moving a taper further in, gently stretching the hole, over a period of days... A taper or stretcher is a shape that gently expands the hole as you push it into the ear. What shape is up to you. Some people prefer straight tapers, others circular or spiral tapers. We have lots to choose from.

Clean your fresh stretches at least once a day with saline solution (salt water). Dissolve half a teaspoon of salt in a cup of boiling water, wait for the water to cool down, remove the jewellery and soak the lobe, this helps prevent infection and aids healing. Use non-iodized, fine-grain sea salt for your soaks, It is better than regular table salt, which typically contains additives that could be incompatible with wound healing.

Only stretch up by a millimeter or two at a time. Then wait for the hole to completely heal and feel fine before stretching again. Probably 4 or 5 weeks later. Dont rush it or you'll damage the ear lobe and increase the risk of infection.

BPA Ear Stretching Solution

Holey Butt'r

Problems with Ear Stretching

People react differently to different materials, so its important that you pay attention to what your body is telling you. If an item of jewellery doesnt feel 'right' or a lobe is still hurting days after the stretch, take the jewellery out. Try a different material.

If you stretch as we advise above you shouldnt experience any bleeding, however the most common causes of bleeding are;

Stetching too quickly will increase the risk of infection, tearing the lobe and causing a blow out. Be patient.

Your going out Friday night and you want to show off your new plugs... Dont do it. Wait until a stretch is fully healed before trying to insert new plugs... especially double flared plugs. Try and but up the new tunnel to the back of an expander to get it in.. Dont just push like a nutcase.. Be gentle and have patience.

Other Problems

Wearing inappropriate items while sleeping

Blow outs happen when people stretch too fast, or try to insert a big plug in a small hole !

The pressure on the inside of the piercing is too much and the hole deforms itself by kinda twisting inside out. Some tissue pops out of the back of the hole. This can permanently deform the ear, and it looks ruff.

You dont want this to happen ! Stretch slowly. Dont force plugs or expanders in.

If it does happen, take the plugs out straight away. Downsize. Hope that the tissue is re-absorbed.

Remove double flared plugs from your ears every day. We have heard stories of people leaving double flared plugs in their ears for weeks and then having trouble removing them, because the ear has shrunk around the plug. Be sensible. Remove them often.

How to insert Flesh Plugs

So you've used an expander or taper, and you've gradually moved it further into the ear over a few days, and now you want to put those tunnels you bought in. Once you can push the taper straight through your ear, and out the other side, youre ready to put those plugs in.

Ear Stretching Kits

We sell expanders, tapers and stretching crescents for every size individually, have a look round the shop.

Does it hurt to Stretch your ears?

Will the hole shrink back?

Generally though, holes of up to about 6mm or 8mm, and even sometimes as large as 10mm and 12mm, will shrink back down to normal piecing size. (Given enough time)

How quickly you stretched up... too fast is bad as you can build up scar tissue that might not stretch back down.

How long you rest between each stretch... same reasons as above.

Your skin elasticity... everyone is different.

Basic Types of Ear Stretching Jewellery

Tapers / Expanders

You can move the expander in gradually, thus making the hole bigger.

O-rings can be used to hold the taper in place.

The size stated is the maximum diameter of the taper.

Stretching crescents, Stretchers

They are a convienient way of stretching the hole slowly. You move the crescent round gradually, slowly expanding the hole.

You can use rubber o-rings to hold the crescent in place.

The size stated is the maximum diameter of the item.

Double flared flesh plugs and tunnels

The size stated is the diameter of the part of the plug that sits in the ear.

The flare should be between 1mm and 1.5mm bigger than the part that sits in the ear. They require a slight stretch to pop in.

If your hole is tight because it is new, then double flared plugs will be difficult to get in. When your hole is looser after a month or so, then double flared plugs are easier to insert. A little olive oil on the plug or tunnel will help a lot when getting them in. They are very comfortable to wear, and there is no need for o-rings.

Remove Double Flared Plugs from your ears often (everyday) and reinsert, otherwise, over time, the ear hole can shrink a bit around the plug making them hard to remove. You should of course, be taking the plugs out every day anyway.. to clean the lobes, so this problem shouldnt arise.

However, we've recently heard of people who have left double flared plugs in without removing them for weeks and have then been unable to get the plugs out ! Please dont let that happen to you.

Threaded flesh tunnels and plugs

The size stated is the diameter of the part of the tunnel that sits in the ear.

Threaded plugs and tunnels are easy to insert. The size of the lip varies from design to design

Single flared flesh tunnels and plugs

The size stated is the diameter of the part of the plug that sits in the ear.

They are easy to insert and are usually held in place by a rubber o-ring fitted around the plug once it is in the ear.