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Arginine, Ornithine and Lysine Review, Benefits & Side Effects

Arginine, ornithine, and lysine are amino acids which each have a unique impact on the human body and are involved in a variety of disparate functions; however, the three are often grouped together for their purported ability to increase levels of human growth hormone

Growth hormone is released by the pituitary gland in the brain and plays a crucial role in muscle growth, fat metabolism and immune system support

Levels of growth hormone begin to decline in humans around the age of 30, and this decline is thought to play a role in a variety of age-related symptoms, including an increase in adipose (fat) tissue and a decrease in lean muscle mass

Arginine, ornithine and lysine are often sold together as a supplement and are touted to boost levels of growth hormone in the body The health benefits attributed to arginine, ornithine, and lysine supplementation are many, but the majority of claims are vastly unqualified by scientific data

  • L-Arginine Hydrochloride (1447 mg)
  • L-Ornithine Hydrochloride (900 mg)
  • L-Lysine Hydrochloride (1200 mg)

Argine, Ornithine and Lysine for Growth Hormone

The ability of arginine, ornithine and lysine to encourage the release of growth hormone is inconsistent and highly dependent on the method of delivery

Arginine, ornithine, and lysine supplements are available in many forms, including capsules, tablets, powders, and intravenous fluid

Significant increases in growth hormone circulation have been observed when the amino acids arginine, ornithine, and lysine are administered intravenously The supplement combination is less effective when taken orally

Arginine that is orally administered in conjunction with lysine or ornithine may stimulate growth hormone release, but not as effectively as if the amino acids are delivered intravenously

Arginine for Athletic Performance

Those who take arginine, ornithine, and lysine are most often athletes who are hoping to increase their growth hormone circulation to build more muscle mass However, many studies suggest that taking these supplements before engaging in athletic endeavors does not cause a sudden or sustained spike in growth hormone levels and does not allow for superior performance or gains in muscle mass

An oral dosage of growth-hormone-stimulating amino acids, would have to be extremely high in order to produce noticeable hormone release Such high dosages can often cause moderate to severe abdominal discomfort and diarrhea

Ultimately, many scientists and physicians have cautioned against using arginine, ornithine and lysine amino acids to elicit growth hormone release to support athletic performance

Scientific studies have shown that taking amino acids prior to strength training exercises does not elicit a response that it outside of the expected muscle gain from strength training alone All-in-all, the results of such exercise are no different than they would be had the individual not taken an amino acid supplement

  • Boosts nitric oxide production for workouts
  • Reduces fatigue and improves body composition
  • Improves immune function and sexual health

Although there is little evidence to support the idea that arginine supplementation can adequately increase growth hormone levels to improve muscle building and athletic performance, studies indicate that the amount of hormone released can vary according to sex, age and diet

For instance, females seem to exhibit a greater amount of growth hormone release after taking arginine, ornithine and lysine supplements than males Furthermore, younger individuals experience greater growth hormone release after taking these supplements than older individuals

Additionally, those who already ingest large amounts of protein in their daily diet do not experience significant growth hormone release compared to those individuals who eat a diet deficient in protein and amino acidsVasodilators have the ability to relax the smooth muscle tissue lining arteries and blood vessels, allowing them to widen and improving blood flow.

The diversity of reaction to amino acid supplementation is also illustrated by men of average or muscular body sizes, who will not experience significant benefit from arginine, ornithine and lysine supplement

Those individuals who are physically fit will also not benefit from taking arginine supplements with ornithine and lysine as much as those who are less physically fit Physically fit individuals must consume large amounts, which may be unsafe, in order to illicit a noticeable release of growth hormone L-Citrulline may be a better alternative for these individuals

Reputable Supplement Suppliers

Arginine, ornithine, and lysine supplements are found within many brands

The brands that produce this tri-amino acid supplement that come with the highest recommendations include GOAL Naturals and NOW Foods GOAL Naturals is, by far, the highest recommended and most widely used arginine, ornithine and lysine supplement brand

GOAL Naturals has products for both men and women, with their women’s arginine, ornithine and lysine powder coming highly recommended Individuals considering supplementation should talk to a physician to fully understand whether there are benefits worth exploring

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How It Works:

  • Boosts nitric oxide production for workouts
  • Reduces fatigue & promotes muscle growth
  • Supports immune function & sexual health