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How To Add Whey Protein To Coffee

I like to kill 2 birds with 1 stone, and adding whey protein powder to coffee is a way to get my morning dose of caffeine along with some high quality, flavored whey protein in one mug

I need about 3 cups of coffee in the morning, so adding 1/3 scoop of vanilla flavored whey protein isolate to my morning coffee 3 times gives me about 25g of protein

Adding up to 1/2 scoop of whey protein is fine, but I find that a full scoop makes the coffee too thick for my liking

You can think of the whey protein as a protein-enhanced, flavored & sweetened coffee creamer It taste a lot better than the normal non-dairy creamer such as Coffee Mate and is a lot better for you too (more about coffee creamers here) And if you’re using whey protein isolate, it’s lactose free as well

Make Instant Coffee Tastes Good

Supplement manufacturers appealed to our tastes buds and have produced a variety of different flavors of whey protein Combined with coffee, it tastes pretty good For example, adding vanilla whey protein isolate to my instant coffee tastes like French vanilla Chocolate whey protein and coffee tastes like mocha

Personally I’ve only tried vanilla, chocolate and unflavored whey protein isolate, but @elizabethwhit20 on Twitter told me that even BANANA flavored protein tastes good with coffee!

I’ll have to try that myself

Get Protein First Thing In The Morning

If you’re like me, I drink a few cups of coffee in the morning before having breakfastThis mixture starts giving you protein almost immediately making it ideal for training recovery. I wake up around 3:00AM and usually don’t eat until 7-8:00AM Before this meant I had 4-5 hours without any food in my system

By adding whey protein to my coffee, I’m getting around 25g of protein first thing in the morning

To learn more about the benefits, effects and other facts and information, you can check out Examinecom's excruciatingly thorough analysis of whey protein

How To Mix Whey Protein To Your Morning Coffee

The process is pretty simple The trick is to cool down your coffee before adding the whey protein If it’s not cooled down then the whey protein will curdle and get all sticky and lumpy once you add it to the coffee

Here’s how I mix whey protein into my coffee:

Step 1: Prepare Your Coffee

Prepare coffee like you normally do

For me, I’ll add 1 heaping teaspoon of instant coffee, and half a pack of Splenda I don’t need to use the entire packet of Spenda because the whey protein already has sweetener

Make sure you fill the mug about 3/4 to the top You want to leave some room for the milk and whey protein powder

Step 2: Cool Down The Coffee

Next I add a little bit of 2% milk to the coffee I don’t measure the amount of milk I add; I just add until it turns light brown in color

Adding the milk will cool down the coffee, but you can use cream, cold water, or just let the coffee sit for a few minutes

Step 3: Add 1/3-1/2 Scoop of Whey Protein

I use Whey-Factorycom (they've shut down since this review) vanilla whey protein isoloate, but other brands and flavors would work fine

Here's some of the whey protein I've tried that mixes well with coffee:

Sprinkling it on little by little allows the whey protein to mix faster and easier, but dumping 1/3-1/2 scoop of whey protein all at once work fine too

If you want to add an entire scoop of whey protein in your coffee, mix in 1/2 scoop first until the powder is dissolved, then mix in the 2nd half

Step 4: Mix

This might take a little patience, especially if you’ve added a little more than 1/3 scoop of whey protein to the coffee (which I normally do) But mixing it takes less than a minute

There will be some clumps, but you can use the back of your spoon to press it against the inside of the mug to break it down

Step 5: Drink

Enjoy your protein-enhanced, flavored coffee!

Another way of doing this is to mix the whey protein and milk first, then pour it into the coffee

The downside to this method is that the some of the whey protein will stick to the spoon and to the mug, which will require extra hard scrubbing to remove Steel wool makes this easy

Anyways, try it out! Adding whey protein to your coffee might become a new addition to your morning routine

If tea is more of your cup of choice, then you can add whey protein to tea as well!

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With a teaspoon, I mix the coffee and whey protein with a little cold water I found it easiest to dilute the whey protein powder by stirring it against the inside of the mug with up and down and around motion Then add the boiling water, to further dilute?

I do this too but I mix 1/3 scoop with like an inch of water and stir until creamy then add the coffee right on top – cuts out a few steps

This is such a great idea!! I started adding PE Science peanut butter cup protein powder to my coffee and it’s TO DIE FOR!! It tastes just like a mocha I’d definitely recommend Enjoy!

i add the choc whey when its still hot and it disolves no problemits delicious

what’s wrong with adding the whey protein to hot coffee, I don’t get it

instead of letting the coffee cool down i’m doing the following:

take the cup with the desired amount of instant coffee and WPI and mix/stir it up with COLD water of course don’t fill it up more than half or 2/3 that will prevent the WPI to have this totally disgusting and non-consumable consistency then only add the hot water, stir again everything is smooth

if you’re on CBL, should also add some fat, MCT or coconut oil will prevent your insuline from spiking and both are making the coffee taste better also, I don’t understand the milk added spiking insuline too

I find that the best way to mix in the whey protein into hot coffee is to use an electric mixer that fits in a cup I mix on low speed for about 7 seconds for half mug of coffee and then fill it to the top

Thx for this post John, I added it today, got it made the coffee taste much better

I was just thinking of adding whey protein to my coffee today, I think I’m going to try it

you really should; esp a flavored one…just remember to do it ‘Ben’s way” and mix all your powders in the cup; ‘stir’ 100 times to break it all down, THEN ADD YOUR HOT LIQUID……works every time and no lumps!!