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Can certain vitamins cause mouth ulcers?

However, last week, ulcers on the roof of my mouth developed I thought I had burned it with hot soup, or eaten kimchi that was too spicy However, they are not healing Has anyone ever dealt with ulcers on the palate related to supplements? I use many different types

I found a great natural treatment for canker sores on the tongue make a paste of cumin powder, honey and coconut oil and swab the ulcers with th paste 3-4x/day

One a Day Prenatal vitamins, One A Day gummy vitamins; Natural Factors Hi Potency B Complex I'm going back to my old vitamins from primal nutrition, I didn't have a problem with that brand I'm glad to see this site and know I'm not the only one I also learned the cancer sores can be caused by stressOne a Day Prenatal vitamins, One A Day gummy vitamins Natural Factors Hi Potency B Complex. I'd get them before every speech I used to give

This really hurts, and it is hard to talk! And that is a problem for me since I am a big talker Guess I am giving everyone a rest

Does anyone know why B Complex causes mouth ulcers?

I have been told the cheaper vitamins can do that due to the way they are manufactured Another possibility I am told is that my body is getting something it does not need and it is rejecting it or there is a reaction I just did a comparison between some a multivitamin that does not bother me and ones that do give me the ulcers Seems like the ones that give me the ulcers contain Iron, Potassium, Boron, Phosphorus, Chloride, and Coenzyme Does anyone know if these items are known problems to some people?

Can certain vitamins cause mouth ulcers?

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