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What Are the Benefits of Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate?

Scientists have given the green light for making tart cherry juice concentrate a part of a healthy diet Tart cherries, also known as Montmorency cherries, are a variety grown in the United States that have a slightly sour taste Unlike sweet varieties that are typically eaten fresh, tart cherries are commonly enjoyed dried or as a juice concentrate The current body of research shows evidence for anti-inflammatory qualities of tart cherry juice that offer a range of whole-body benefits

Tart cherry juice concentrate offers a wide variety of healthy benefits, from protecting your heart and easing arthritis to boosting sleep quality

Richest Anti-inflammatory Content of Any Food

The antioxidant compounds in tart cherries and other fruits and vegetables make up a vital part of your diet These nutrients help your body stave off disease to remain healthy A domino effect of inflammation and chronic disease occurs when the body doesn’t have enough antioxidants Luckily, eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables means you'll get the antioxidants your body needs to keep inflammation in check

Out of all the anti-inflammatory foods in your diet, the crown for highest anti-inflammatory content of any food goes to tart cherries, according to research the Oregon Health and Science University presented at the 2012 American College of Sports Medicine Conference

Promotes Healthy Blood Pressure

Beats Insomnia

May Ease Knee Arthritis Inflammation

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